About us

Every project has its own challenges. Our passion is to track them and solve them in the best possible way, always taking into account our clients’ needs, the space’s history and the culture of every organisation.

The Consquare represents our love about design and the creation of spaces that reflects our client’s character. After 30 years of experience in the contract field we know that there is always a way to improve ourselves and we will never stop searching for it.

We are aware that along the rapid developments in technology our needs also change and we believe that we can add to the value of every space and impove the lives of the people in it.

We cooperate with the biggest companies in the field, we choose quality and certified goods and we are satisfied only when we know that we were fully committed to a project.

Χωρίσματα γραφείου Basic, η καλύτερη επιλογή για την εσωτερική διαμόρφωση γραφειακών χώρων

Τα κρυστάλλινα χωρίσματα BASIC της Consquare, είναι ιδανικά για την δημιουργία άνετων, εργονομικών και πλήρως εργονομικών γραφείων και meeting room σε οποιονδήποτε χώρο. Continue reading “Χωρίσματα γραφείου Basic, η καλύτερη επιλογή για την εσωτερική διαμόρφωση γραφειακών χώρων”

Ηχοαπορροφητικά Πάνελ τοίχου-οροφής Flatline ή αισθητική λύση στο πρόβλημα της ηχοαντανάκλασης

Τα ηχοαπορροφητικά Panel Flatline της Feltouch είναι σχεδιασμένα ώστε να δημιουργούν άνετους και αισθητικά όμορφους εργασιακούς χώρους. Continue reading “Ηχοαπορροφητικά Πάνελ τοίχου-οροφής Flatline ή αισθητική λύση στο πρόβλημα της ηχοαντανάκλασης”

Consquare 100% Hotel and Xenia exhibitions

The Conquare will participate this November in 100% Hotel show and Xenia exhibitions. We would be happy to meet you there and show you our latest products

Consquare presents Phonewalk

The Consquare will present, for the first time in Greece, the Phonewalk. An innovative creation by Citterio, designed to offer privacy in crowded spaces.

The Consquare in Salone del Mobile

We visited the Salone del Mobile exhibition in Milan, one of the biggest exhibitions in the field of contract furniture.

The Consquare’s Acoustic Catalogue

Our new catalogue Acustica just came out

It includes acoustic panels, dividers and sliding doors with acoustic properties. Available in a vast array of colors, they are ideal for workplaces, executive spaces, and meeting rooms.

They are also a great choice for reception areas, libraries, cinemas, theaters, restaurants and generally for spaces where comfort and design are defining traits

Allermuir’s New Collections

We’ve been a little busy over the last few months, lovingly creating new products to add to the Allermuir collection. We’re very proud of our latest creations and are delighted to present them in our ‘New Collections’ brochure.

Our product development is very much driven by changes we see in the way people work, meet, greet, dine, relax, play or break away. Current trends blurring the line between workplace,hospitality and domestic design have been a particular inspiration for us and have created some interesting design opportunities.

Meet the family

Designed by PearsonLloyd, Famiglia is an elegant and harmonious range of soft seating and tables designed for modern workplaces and hospitality environments. The Famiglia seating family includes a collection of low, mid, high back and lounge chairs that between them offer a choice of metal or wooden legs and 5-star bases. These are complemented by a range of occasional and light work tables for informal or formal needs.


Returning to designjunction’ s impressive site at King’ s Cross creative quarter Allermuir will once again present products that are “Anything but ordinary”. The new products being exhibited are a testament to Allermuir’ s unique fusion of world class design, innovation and traditional craftmanship.

Allermuir will take its place on the first floor of Cubitt House during designjunction, exhibiting their latest product ranges from the Allermuir Design team and some of the world’s leading designers, including the award winning Mozaik collection by Mark Gabbertas.


We’re so proud Silta has won the title of ‘Design Guild Mark’ at the recent The Furniture Makers’ Company awards.

Silta has been awarded a ‘Design Guild Mark’ for excellence in British design by The Furniture Makers’ Company.

”The prestigious Design Guild Mark is awarded to drive excellence and raise the profile of British design and innovation’’

The Design Guild Mark Awards are awarded to driven excellence and innovative design. The Furniture Makers’ Company recognise and reward designers working in Britain or British Designers working abroad. The award demands the highest standards in the design of furniture for volume production.