Soft Seating

Vera / 5627
The traditional wood manufacturing techniques are well combined with modern fabrics and sewing techniques. The beech wood reflects the tradition and craft. The softness of the foam at the seat and back of Vera is an indispensable must of deberenn products. Standard Vera is developed with a wider and higher option. The warmth of wood, the elegance of leather Vera gives you a feeling of sitting on a sofa while covering such a small space. The wood legs will match the design of the furniture. Leather upholstery quality and seating comfort makes Vera a perfect armchair for both executive rooms as well as for waiting lounges, even a hotel room. Combination of wooden frame and fabric upholstery allows creating very different atmospheres with Vera. Sitting in this armchair, you will experience not only its comfort, but also the joy of discovering its cozy and elegant details.

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