TIC TAC / 7370
We are pleased to announce the completion of yet another project. This time, we were part of the team that renovated the offices of the company Tic Tac. We had an excellent collaboration with Violeta Mpampatzia of Celadon Studio, in order to transform this space into an innovation centre that promotes productivity.
Our project included enhancing the space with modern furniture and custom structures that offer solutions while simultaneously reinforcing the sense of a welcoming environment that our times demand. Colours and materials were carefully selected to create a sense of calmness and professionalism while maintaining a fresh and dynamic aesthetic.
From executive offices to workstations, from conference tables to comfortable seating and soft seating furniture, every detail was meticulously designed, and nothing was left to chance. The offices were equipped with ergonomic chairs and modern technological systems, facilitating daily work life. Special high structures with shelves offer the necessary storage space and create distinct work zones that improve workflow and privacy.
We are very pleased with the attention to detail given to every aspect of the project. Creating spaces that encourage innovation and efficiency was our main goal. Congratulations to the team for the excellent collaboration in creating a space where ideas can thrive and flourish.

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