Mobile Filling

Mobicap / 5186
MOBICAB is the perfect choice to gain storagespace. All you need is one aisle of only 80cm and you can almost double the storage capacity of your room.The fly -wheels mechanism can be adapted to the load capacity assuring effortless operation. For heavy base loads, a double or triple multiplier is mounted.The system is available with a variety of options to facilitate work and storage such as pull out trays, pullout filing support, dividers, drawers and sliding doors MOBICAB is movable on solid rails which are fixed (or not) to the floor: On concrete floor On raised laminated floor, with Aluminum ramp for better access On raised Aluminum floor, which is emission free for best protection of the stored items MOBICAB could be adapted to any room despite building constraints such as ducting, pillars or oblique walls.

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