Hendrix / 5457
The Hendrix lounge chair was designed in preparation for deberenn 2012 collection, a project that turned into an instant success by the A&D community. To enhance its presence, we added wooden and wire base options to the Lounge chair, and crafted a more compact “mini” addition to the family. The public reacted well to our Hendrix design, and so tried to offer as many solutions to the product as possible while trying to retain good proportional values. The project now enables the chair so it can be used at a desk on a tilt and castor base, and can be used as a meeting chair, breakout or a hospitality environment. Hendrix Mini is designed by David Fox as an iconic compact chair offering a contemporary comfort and style. The new member of the family, Hendrix Mini Soft shows up as an alternative with its cozy soft padding and unique look. This great chair offers you privacy as well with a rounded headrest in high-back option.

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