Desk system Shard by Citterio

A workstation dedicated to contemporary design combined to the harmonious rationality.

The special triangular-shaped section of the supporting structure of Shard is a highly distinctive sign of its minimalist elegance and outlines the structural path of the whole project.


Desk with wooden legs by Senator

As we continually move towards the desire for a more domestic working environment, Pailo provides a softer approach to the more formal bench desking systems that explores new ways to introduce fabric into the workplace.


Round desk by Senator

Orb is a range of workspace solutions designed to maximise productivity, increase the available floorplate and help improve the general flow if the office. Orb gives you the option to see your task in the round.


Sit-stand desk by Las

Creativity and Innovation by LAS, all inside a versatile and multifunctional office system. Up is a sleek and classy modular system that meets the needs of different types of users, thanks to the worktop automated height adjustment system.

Fil Rouge

Fil Rouge Desk by Las

Fil Rouge is a collection of desks with a transversal use intended for executive and operative offices and meeting rooms. The aluminium perimeter frame, the flush-mounted 3D foil top, the rounded edges strongly characterize its design.


OXI Desk by Las

OXI is designed to optimise both the individual requirements of each user as well as the overall organisation’s functional job tasks. Especially created to provide the modern office with maximum flexibility, which permits ongoing redesign and updating of the workspace.

Change is constant. Business demands it. Imagine not just one office but hundreds of possibilities in one product line, to achieve maximum job productivity. The space created by OXI is at once both dynamic and totally ergonomic.

Chemistry Sit-Stand

Sit-Stand Desk Chemistry by Senator

Chemistry is a range of workstations designed to facilitate flexibility and diversity demanded by modern working environments.

The use of sit-stand desks, has been scientifically proven to improve your productivity, concentration and increase your creativity.

Improve your working environment and remain healthy.

5th Element

5th Element workstation by LAS

A highly operational system with integrated partitions and structures, ideal to meet the needs of modern and performing spaces. An extruded aluminium bar allows perfect anchorage of monitors, lamps, shelves and screens.

Bench versions with trestle legs can be extended with protruding peninsula units that add functionality and aesthetic value.


Point Desk by Citterio

Point is characterized by the structure in aluminium and multiple finishes of the worktops. The design flexibility and the different dimensional possibilities can make it the ideal interpreter to meet any kind of needs.

Combining rigorous design with highly-versatility components, in line with the most modern interpretations of office systems, Point is able to meet the basic layout requirements of those who work alone on simple rectangular tables, as well as the more complex needs of a team requiring to work together in a more structured layout.


Chemistry Desk by Senator

Chemistry is a range of workstations designed to facilitate flexibility and diversity demanded by modern working environments. As the modern workplace evolves, there is a declining demand for the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, workplaces require spaces that are flexible and collaborative, facilities that are efficient and streamlined, combined with an atmosphere that can be both formal and informal.