SINTESY CONNECT 30is a heterogeneous  vinyl flooring (LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile) fitted with 5Ga click connection system and glass fiber allowing it to be quickly laid, also on large surfaces, without using adhesives. Connect 55 enriches the collection as an answer to requests with reduced budget.

It is the ideal solution whenever quick installation is major factor. It provides high resistance to wear and moisture and can therefore be installed also in damp environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is recommended the installation with SC underlay.


The flooring FLEX is the synthesis of modern floorings: big dimensions but low thickness – resistant but not fragile – water resistant and of low maintenance – warm at touch – free from plasticizers. It is the result of an international patent (Silent Touch) that guarantees a strong, tactile surface with fire retardant properties and, at the same time, sound absorbing properties. 12 proposals, 12 finely printed decors for 12  expressions of the most attractive material: wood. The floating installation with integrated sound absorbing cushion and the PLS connection system make it a modern and flexible proposal.

Evolution TackDry

Tack dry is as an innovative loose-lay  LVT flooring, with a removable instalation system with micro-suction cups and glue free. Its technical features make it suitable for installation on raised floors.

Evolution Habitat

Italian design and creativity make Evolution a unique and exciting floor with finishes in wood, stone, metal and natural materials combined with the resistance of vinyl floorings.
Evolution is the most innovative response for areas with medium and heavy traffic such as shops, showrooms, cafès and restaurants, airports and stores. With its complete range, it reveals a world of emotions, styles and mood, guaranteeing very high performances in duration; it is a floor that is easy to maintain and fast to lay,supported by all the certifications required by current legislation.