GX System

GX Partition by Gemino

The GX System benefits from effortless customisation and a permanently portable workspace solution. Gemino System profiles change in accordance with the client’s needs, always looking at simplifying the installation experience. Choosing to opt for a double-glazed solution in a second step is now possible without the need to remove the existing glass or change the components that were already installed.

Gemino combines architecture enabling your interior space to grow and change as often as you do.

The Gemino GX Integrated System allows for workspaces to evolve by simply removing the walls and adding a cover to the Top Track to flush it with the ceiling. The moveable structures enable an organisation to re-use the workspace partitions and evolve with the demanding needs in today’s world.


Ray is a partition system born from the need to create a “custom made” product and extend the design possibilities. The minimal and refined profiles are customised according to customer needs, with a wide range of finishes and colours.

Ray is a single-glazed partition, without vertical uprights, where the “colour ray” aligns perfectly with the upper and lower profiles, even in the presence of sliding and swivel doors, which are also entirely glazed. The particular shape of the profile is characterized by its minimal thickness and attention to aesthetic details.


The SECTOR System is worldwide recognised as one of the best dividers for business premises, a distinction it has achieved thanks to the quality of materials, the original design, the flexibility in adapting and the aesthetics in style.

Easy to move and self-supported, it is an advanced divider for indoor spaces, offering multiple possibilities, meeting hundred per cent both in open and low height arrangement and in free arrangement in space, as well as in the general division of one department from another. At the same time, it is the ideal choice for workgroups.


Habitat 100

Habitat 100 completes the collection with acoustic blind walls, double glass or central glass walls for high level performances and stylistic choices. Dividing partitions that become the natural habitat where let creativity flies, ideas grow and work pleasantly.

Habitat 50

Habitat is an authentic system, studied to satisfy the most different needs functional and aesthetic demands linked to modern design for work environments.

Their main characteristics are: sober and elegant design, semplicity of construction and reduced number of compents.