Executive desk Consilium by Polflex

The collection includes a range of desks and conference tables with hard leather or glass tops and bases in stainless steel, silver anodised aluminium or fine-ribbed hard leather. The cabinets, drawer cabinets and bookcase panels are fully covered in hard leather.


Executive desk Orazio by Polflex

The contemporary design collection includes a range of conference tables and desks with tops in leather and bases in leather or satin-finish chromed steel. The metal structure under the top is in black lacquer finish or covered in leather.


Helios Executive Desk by Polflex

Helios is a collection of desks and tables with a modern and refined design, strict lines where the surfaces are very close, without touching each other, creating geometric shapes of shadows and lights, according to the material used.

Fil Rouge

Executive Desk Fil Rouge by Las

Fil Rouge is a collection of desks with a transversal use intended for executive and operative offices and meeting rooms. The aluminium perimeter frame, the flush-mounted 3D foil top, the rounded edges strongly characterize its design.


Executive desk Jera by LAS

An executive collection characterised by strong and essential lines, in a combination of classic and modern feel. This desk is the synthesis of carefully alternating planes and volumes, materials and finishes which, when placed against a wall, turn into innovative totem furniture.

Storage units communicate with the thick worktops and create articulated compositions. Doors are embracing elements that highlight the neatness of volumes.


Elite Executive Desk by LAS

Executive collection where the worktop integrates with the structural base which also has a storage function. A functional workstation embellished by wall panelling with shelves and optional LED lighting.

The desk with its integrated drawers keeps its functional characteristics while reducing dimensions. The equipment is just essential: two drawers and two open compartments. The composition is completed with the shelves module with back-lacquered glass sliding doors.


Eos Executive desk by LAS

The importance of managing the environment that surrounds your work, the awareness of having all you need around you, to give the right space to your ambitions. Comfort and rationale, nothing is by chance. In E.O.S. you will have all you need. And no more than you need. Luxury desks, enriched by the best quality materials. Geometric forms essential expressions of a minimalist but stylish design. Fixed shelves, overlapping corners, the EOS offi ce plays on the concept of prestige revealed by lines and perspectives of strong visual impact.


Corner desk by Citterio

The Corner collection of executive desks and tables is the perfect match for the highest care for detail expressed in an accurately designed building. A system of right angles and clear-cut lines, forming an elegant ensemble of linear planes and perpendicular compositions. Corner is a symphony of lines meeting sharply into edges and tops breaking into angles, each one projecting independently into new directions.


Segno combines functionality and design, where pureness of form are seen in a net, decisive mark. A well-defined mark that delineates the work settings, indelible as it traces the rules of an important minimalism, an elegant order, entertaining in grand style. Simple lines with an innovative design, technical and sophisticated lines. Smooth surfaces, soft and pleasant to the touch: the union of cold metal and the warm colours of the wood table offer the perception of absolute equilibrium. The right collection for creating delightful shared spaces with style and simplicity


Wien Executive Desk by Polflex

Executive desks covered in leather throughout ,with end base plinth in aluminium or polished brass. One or two drawerboxes can be installed under the top.