Composed by a single tube support structure without visible screws, Taylord represents the artisan tailoring craftsmanship par excellence thanks to the attention to details and high quality materials used, creating unique and elegant upholsteries.


The frame, which is available in two backrest heights, high and medium, boasts numerous chromed aluminum components and is supported by 4 and 5 star bases or by the cantilever version. Three upholsteries : one comfortable with soft pad, the second in mesh and the third – flagship of the range – with ribbed cushion seamless thanks to the thermo-molding process.


A collection of ergonomic and light executive chairs with a characteristic curved seat, that also includes benches, armchairs, and sofas. The chair, which comes in leather or fabric and in a wide range of colours, is available in three different backrest heights. A synchronised tilt mechanism can be incorporated into the frame.Σειρά εργονομικών και ελαφριών διευθυντικών καθισμάτων

Lex Presidenziale

Elegant, modern managerial chairs, also available in operative version. The high back and medium back are available with padded backrest and upholstered back. Both the headrest and the armrests can be fully upholstered.


A comfortable, stylish chair. The backrest is available in smooth padding or with a pleated finish. The polished aluminium armrests with upholstered pads allow the chair’s synchronized movement.


Fresh, with its ergonomic seat and back padded with shape-retaining flexible polyurethane, is a seat that ensures maximum posture comfort for prolonged everyday use. Ideal for managerial and executive office workstations. Fresh is equipped with a depth-adjustable seat with a synchronised dynamic mechanism and adjustable lower back support.


Ice is the collection of seating for executive and managerial offices, also including a model suitable for meeting rooms and waiting rooms. Featuring a fine covering in black breathable mesh, Ice is outlined by an understated outer frame in tubular steel, available in chromed or gloss black finish. The armrests built into the structure are coordinated with the seat, with the possibility of top upholstery in three different finishes.


Spirit is an office chair, designed to ensure ergonomic excellence during work hours and long-term use. The back is fitted with a patented Freedom mechanism, which follows the user’s movements. Spirit offers a very generous seat angle adjustment, making it unique in its category. The seat can be depth-adjusted to the desired position or left in its free position, for maximum ergonomics.

Of course

Of Course is a collection of executive, managerial and meeting seats, oozing sophistication, a timeless classic in prestigious office design. The fine upholsteries, which are available in an extensive range of colours and fabrics, cover the seat with craft-based stitching, enhancing its silhouette. The internal steel structure guarantees durability and sturdiness over time. The shape-retaining polyurethane padding and incorporated armrests provide ultimate levels of comfort.

Vega Hit

The Vega collection offers a host of variants to accommodate all requirements. Whether minimalist and elegant or distinguished by special stitching, packed with a distinctive personality. Its design is informal yet at the same time sophisticated. The seat is equipped with an all-steel internal frame, covered with shape-retaining flexible polyurethane, with elastic belts ensuring superior comfort. The structure can be customised with semi-matt black or chrome finish.