Flatline Collection

FlatLine offers great acoustic solutions for commercial and public spaces through a variety of alternative dimensions. The collection can be adjusted to suit the dynamic requirements of a fast paced modern space and it can be mounted either on the wall or the ceiling.

DecoSound Collection

DecoSound offers premium acoustic solutions up to A class, high acoustic performance through eight different 3D designs. Lightweight, semi rigid, pinnable acoustic panels, easy to use with smart installation options. They can be mounted either on the wall or the ceiling.


Stalactites can be mounted to the wall using a wooden lath or suction cups (best for glass surfaces). They can have different colours on the sides, and each can be turned back to front instantly. Now it is possible to redesign the room or create a different mood in the workplace in no time.

Up to three separate pieces can be attached to the wooden lath, and then moved along the length, thanks to the slidable metal clamp in the back.

For glass surfaces, users opt to take advantage of the suction cups. Flat on one side, this version is perfect for see-through walls. Think a grey interior for the conference room, and an orange exterior for the reception! A Stalactite be hang one on each side of a glass wall for an even better acoustic experience.

Rhino Triangle

DecoSound Acoustic Panel Collection provides decorative premium acoustic solutions up to A class high acoustic performance for your interior spaces with 8 models & unique 3D designs. They are lightweight, semi rigid, pin-receptive acoustic panels which are easy to assemble with smart installation options. The velour vertiface finish produces a high-end luxury look and feel. Using the smart installation, you can easiliy alternate colour combinations or change the design periodically. The possible way of usages are Ceiling panel & Wall panel.


FlatLine Series offer wall panels, ceiling baffles, table seperators and room dividers. There are 4 different product and 3 different design with many colour options provided by Camira Fabrics.

You can redefine your environment with FlatLine Series while offering acoustic performance in spaces. Also the velour Vertiface finish produces ahigh end luxury look and feel which is easily cleaned, installed and maintained.Design and manufacture can be adapted to almost any of the imagination by designers. The task of the designer is to imagine; the rest will be assisted by of FELTOUCH design team

Baudot Zero

Acoustic Panels Baudot

Baudot is a beautiful example of where form meets function. Named after Baudot binary code made up of Zeros and Strings, this range has meaning and purpose that is more than meets the eye. As well as making a visual impact on any environment, the range can also be used as an acoustic solution to noisy areas, such as open plan offices, atria and hospitality. Freestanding and wall mounted products can be specified to achieve a variety of fun yet purposeful looks.